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Registration for Baseball and Softball Post-Season is now Open!

By Michelle Cooper, 05/19/22, 9:00AM PDT


Is your player interested in playing All-Stars or Honors?  Registration is now open for both Baseball and Softball !

What is Post Season Play?

Post Season play is one of the most fun aspects of Little League because your league forms teams that play against other Little Leagues in our District and, for All Star teams that win the District tournament, on to State, Regional and National play! Plus, Post Season play takes place in June and July.

Types of Post Season Teams: All Stars (Baseball and Softball) and Honors (Baseball only)

  • All Star teams in Baseball and Softball are created by selecting the best players at a particular age group within the league. These teams are designed to be as competitive as possible as the intent of these teams is to win against other Little League All Star teams. Rules differ from regular season rules (e.g., you do not bat the roster and minimum play times are less). Players may be played in positions different from what they primarily played during the season.

  • Honors teams in Baseball are intended to provide players not selected to an All Star team an opportunity to play in a post-season environment. All Star teams are formed first and then Honors teams are formed; if there are enough players for multiple teams, players are "drafted" onto the different Honors teams in order to create teams that are as equal as possible. Honors tournaments typically happen earlier than All Star tournaments so the commitment ends earlier. While it is the goal of Tigard Diamond Sports to provide this opportunity to as many players as possible, there is no guarantee all players will be placed on an Honors team.

Post Season Commitment

There is a significant commitment required to participate in post-season play as teams usually practice 5+ days per week, from early June until their tournament begins. Families that want to be considered for post-season play should schedule summer vacations accordingly.