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General Registration Information

There are different registration requirements for returning players vs players new to the league - please follow the requirements below based on your player's status.


Click here for more information about and to sign up for evaluations for baseball and softball.

League Age Guidelines

Determine your players league age! Click here to go the the Little League Age Calculator

  • Peewee Tee Ball: League ages 5-6
  • Peewee Coach Pitch: League ages 6-7
  • Baseball A: Typically league ages 7-8
  • Baseball AA: Typically league ages 8-9
  • Baseball AAA: Typically league ages 9-11
  • JBO Juniors: 5th and 6th grade
  • JBO Seniors: 7th and 8th grade

In Little League, players may be moved to the next higher or lower level based on skill level and player safety. Click here for information on Little League Baseball's implementation of league age determination. Girls league age 6 or older may choose to play softball.

Returning Players

If you are a returning Tigard Diamond Sports player you must:

  • Register online (in-person event being discussed, not confirmed at this time, see below):
    • Have health insurance information available
    • Have credit card ready
    • Review uniform sizing information
    • Please ensure that the birth date that shows for your player is correct - contact your Player Agent if it is wrong.
  • Attend an in-person event (pending confirmation) only if you need to:
    • Try on uniform sizes for sizing
    • Purchase apparel
    • Turn in Coach paperwork for background checks (new coaches only)
    • Pay by check if desired
    • Register online (if you do not have access to a computer)
  • JBO Junior/Senior, Baseball AA/AAA, and Softball AAA/Majors/Juniors players must attend evaluations. See our Evaluations page for more details - Baseball players must sign up for a specific time slot on their evaluation day.

Players New to the League (please register online, in-person event pending)

If you are a new player to Tigard Diamond Sports you must do ALL of the following:

  • Register online  (see below):
  • Show Player Agent required paperwork (This might be collected at evaluations)
    • Birth certificate of player (You can order a birth certificate from VitalChek online)
    • Proof of residency (see below for details)
    • Try on uniforms for sizing
    • Purchase apparel if desired
  • JBO Juniors/Seniors, Baseball AA/AAA and Softball AAA/Majors/Juniors players must attend evaluations. See our Evaluations page for more details - Baseball players must sign up for a specific time slot on their evaluation day

Required Documentation for Players New to the League

Bring these to an In-Person event to show to your Player Agent:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate: Little League International mandates that all players must show a state-issued birth certificate regardless of whether they have played in past years. Contact the Department of Vital Statistics in the birth state of your child, or order one online from VitalChek, if necessary. Hospital-issued certificates of birth are NOT accepted.
  • Copy of Proof of Residency: New LLI rules require that documents presented must be dated or in force between February 1, 2022, and February 1, 2023.
    • Examples of acceptable proof:
      • Driver's license
      • Utility bill
      • Insurance statement
  • Copy of Proof of School Enrollment: For players that live outside the TLL boundary but attend school within the TLL boundary.
    • Please provide a copy from this school year of:
      • Report Card
      • Letter from school confirming enrollment with player's name

All Tigard Diamond Sports players must either reside within the Tigard school district boundaries for elementary and middle school or attend school within the boundary. Not sure if you or your school falls within our boundary? Do the following:

  1. Click here to access Washington County's Intermap tool
  2. Enter your address and click the Search button
  3. Click your address in the search results
  4. Look for the Elementary School Attendance Area - the line must say one of the following to be considered in-district for Tigard Diamond Sports:
  5. Alberta Rider, C.F. Tigard, Deer Creek, Durham, Mary Woodward, Metzger, Templeton

Financial Information

Registration Fees

Pee Wee Tee Ball/Coach Pitch $150



A/AA/AAA $175
JBO Juniors


  JBO Seniors $375
Softball A/AA/AAA


Majors/Juniors $175

Late Fees: Will be determined at a later date for 2024

Family Discounts: There is a percentage discount for multiple players, with a combined total greater that $500 for a maximum discount of $75.00

Scholarship Information

Scholarships are available, click the link below to submit an application.

The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.

Uniform Information

See our uniform sizing information page.

PLEASE NOTE: Uniforms CANNOT be reordered or exchanged. All orders are FINAL. Please attend the In-Person event if you are unsure of what sizes to choose!

Ready to register?

If you have additional questions about registration, please contact your player agent below:

TDS Baseball Player Agent

TDS PeeWee Player Agent

TDS Softball Player Agent