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Softball Rules

Oregon District 4 Softball InterLock Rules

It is likely AAA/AA and for certain Majors/Juniors Tigard Diamond Sports teams will play both teams in district 4. For those games, "InterLock Rules" are followed. These rules are applicable when playing interlock games at all softball league levels (Juniors, Majors, AAA, AA and A). The "InterLock Rules" are located in the Coaches -> Game Day Information area of the TDS website.


citations are from the Little League Regulations, Playing Rules and Policies for Softball and for Baseball (red and green rule books)

1.   Pitch Count:  No pitch count for softball

     Pitch count for baseball Tournament Rules and Guidelines 4.d

2.  Pitchers:  in softball must step onto the pitching rubber with their hands separated 8.01(c)

     In baseball pitchers must assume either the Wind-Up position or the Set Position 8.01

3.  Pitchers:  In softball, pitchers who remain in the game defensively may return to pitch 3.03(c)

     In baseball, pitchers once removed from the mound may not return as pitchers 3.03(c)

4.  Bunting:  in softball the batter must pull back the bat or it is a Strike Rule 2.0 BUNT

     In baseball the batter must attempt to meet the ball Rule 2.0 BUNT

5.  Leaving Early:  in softball, if the runner leaves before the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand (Juniors, Majors and AAA*), or reaches the batter (AA or lower), “no pitch” is called and the runner is out. 8.04

* AAA has a local rule for D4 to apply the Majors rule for Leaving Early

     In baseball, the runner must remain on the base until the ball reaches the batter.  If the runner leaves early he/she is returned to the base they left early from, unless the resulting play………..7.13

6.  Runners must return to the base:  in softball, when the pitcher has control of the ball and is in the pitching circle all runners must either attempt to advance to the next base or return to the base they are entitled. Any hesitation after the initial pause and the runner will be called out. 7.08(a)Note 1 and Note 2

     In baseball, the runners must return to their base once the pitcher has the ball and is on the pitcher’s plate and the catcher is ready to receive the pitch 7.13

Additional differences for Junior Softball:

  1.   Games are 7 innings
    1. Mercy rule after 4.5 innings (if home team is ahead) or 5 innings 4.10(e)
  2.   An on-deck batter is allowed Appendix B Safety Code for LL
  3.   Metal cleats are allowed
  4.   Head first slides are allowed 7.08(a)(4)
  5.   An illegal pitch results in a ball to the batter and all runners advance one base 8.01 Penalty