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Welcome Umpires!

Umpires play an important role in Tigard Diamond Sports. They contribute to the development of our players, promote equity and fairness, and contribute to the positive culture within the organization. Umpiring is a terrific way for individuals to develop self confidence, leadership identity, and courage. For more information about being a Tigard Diamond Sports umpire please see below.

2023 Umpire Management Team

 - always looking for additional volunteers!

John Smith

Umpire in Chief

Phone: (503) 702-5749


Tigard Diamond Sports is always looking for umpires. If you are interested, please follow these steps to register: Click the Registration button below

  1. Create a Member Account for yourself (if you don't already have one)
    • Provide phone numbers and e-mail addresses
    • We have to be able to quickly contact you in the case of cancelled games
    • Umpires, it's important to have your own account.  If you have an email you can create your own account.  This will be very important as we communicate during the season.
      • Youth Umpires, if you need your parents to also receive communications you can add them as "Guardians" on your account.
  2. Fill in all information
  3. Click Finish. You are done!

Registration will allow you to be copied on all future correspondence pertaining to umpires.

Background checks will be performed for all volunteers for Tigard Diamond Sports.  You will be contacted by the leagues Safety officer with more details.


Umpire Rain Out Procedure

On days with questionable weather, here is what umpires must do:

  • Managers will notify the Umpire In Chief or Assistant Umpire in Chief by no later than one hour before the scheduled start time for each game to notify them if a game has been rained out.
  • If your game is rained out, you will receive a text or an email informing you. If you do not receive a text or an email, your game is on.


Coaches Rain Out Procedure

Coaches, your rain-out procedures are on the Game Day Information page.  

Emergency Hotline

If you have an emergency that requires you to cancel:

  • Call John Smith, Umpire in Chief: (503) 702-5749, or
  • Call __________, Assistant Umpire in Chief: ________________
  • If you are not able to actually speak with John or _______ please send a text message to both their cell phones.

Last minute cancellations cause a great deal of hardship for the umpire staff, your umpire partners and league managers.  Last minute cancellations (within 48 hours of game time) will be tracked and may cause individuals to be subject to sign up restrictions. 

Umpire Uniforms

While umpire uniforms are not required, the goal is to look official, different from the teams on the field, and non-attention grabbing. 

Preferred attire is as follows:

  • Black, Navy Blue or Light Blue polo shirt with as little advertising as possible
  • gray or dark pants (long pants are preferred over shorts)
  • dark hat with no logo
  • jackets or cold weather gear should be dark colored, when possible
  • water bottles encouraged

Please remember, it is always colder on the fields than you think it will be.  Also, the sun is usually setting by the end of the game, so temperatures cool off.

If you are looking for options for this gear, Goodwill, Value Village or any other second-hand store are valid options!

Umpire Policies

Communication of assignments will occur through the Umpire Schedule online spreadsheets. Umpires will not be e-mailed their assignments.  Since each umpire signs up for their own games, it is  expected that umpires are aware of their game assignments and are tracking their own game schedules.

Multiple last minute cancellations (within 48 hours of game time) or missed assignments may result in the limitation of sign up opportunities for those offending umpires. 

Umpire Pay

  • Little League AA Baseball 
    • $40 Plate
    • $25 Base
    • $55 Solo
  • Little League AA Softball
    • $40 Solo - no base umpires
  • Little League Baseball and Softball (AAA and above)
    • $55 Plate
    • $30 Base
    • $70 Solo
  • JBO Juniors/Seniors
    • $55 Plate
    • $55 Base 
    • $70 Solo

If you unexpectedly do a game SOLO, please make sure to notify us soon after the game to make sure it's properly reflected on the signup sheet.  

Tigard Diamond Sports Umpire Game Sign Up Process

Umpire Scheduling and Confirmation Process - umpire responsibilities are highlighted in red:

  The Umpire-in-Chief (UIC) or Asst. UIC, or "Umpire Staff" will email all registered umpires with links to the upcoming game schedule documents.  Umpires will be notified in the email of what dates are open for sign ups. (Anyone signing up for games beyond the open period will have their names removed in an effort to keep things fair for everyone.)
  • Umpires should review all Umpire Schedules (JV, Majors, AAA, AA) and fill in their names for any open games/positions that they desire to work.
  • The Umpire Staff will send out an e-mail that will ask for additional help  from anyone that can fill in the upcoming open positions
  • Umpires wanting the open spots should e-mail the Umpire Staff who sent the email  with their requests and availability
  • The Umpire Staff will directly email the umpire(s) that are assigned to each open game
  • Umpire(s) who receive an email from the Umpire Staff should reply to confirm for that game

Umpire Payment Process

For umpire payments, the goal is to issue checks 3 times during the Spring season and 2 times during Fall Ball.   Checks will be mailed to the address provided on the umpire registration page.  If you have any questions once you receive your check, please e-mail us.  You should always keep a record of games/dates that you have worked! 

Please remember that all folks involved in preparing umpire checks are volunteers and are doing this work on their own time.  Every attempt is made to issue checks in a timely manner.


For questions contact the Umpire in Chief John Smith.

TDS Umpire in Chief

Oregon District 4 Softball InterLock Rules

It is likely AAA/AA and for certain Majors/Juniors Tigard Diamond Sports teams will play both teams in district 4. For those games, "InterLock Rules" are followed. These rules are applicable when playing interlock games at all softball league levels (Juniors, Majors, AAA, AA and A). The "InterLock Rules" are located in the Coaches -> Game Day Information area of the TDS website.

Softball vs Baseball Rule Differences:

citations are from the Little League Regulations, Playing Rules and Policies for Softball and for Baseball (red and green rule books)

1.   Pitch Count:  No pitch count for softball

     Pitch count for baseball Tournament Rules and Guidelines 4.d

2.  Pitchers:  in softball must step onto the pitching rubber with their hands separated 8.01(c)

     In baseball pitchers must assume either the Wind-Up position or the Set Position 8.01

3.  Pitchers:  In softball, pitchers who remain in the game defensively may return to pitch 3.03(c)

     In baseball, pitchers once removed from the mound may not return as pitchers 3.03(c)

4.  Bunting:  in softball the batter must pull back the bat or it is a Strike Rule 2.0 BUNT

     In baseball the batter must attempt to meet the ball Rule 2.0 BUNT

5.  Leaving Early:  in softball, if the runner leaves before the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand (Majors), or reaches the batter (AAA or lower), “no pitch” is called and the runner is out. 8.04

     In baseball, the runner must remain on the base until the ball reaches the batter.  If the runner leaves early he/she is returned to the base they left early from, unless the resulting play………..7.13

6.  Runners must return to the base:  in softball, when the pitcher has control of the ball and is in the pitching circle all runners must either attempt to advance to the next base or return to the base they are entitled. Any hesitation after the initial pause and the runner will be called out. 7.08(a)Note 1 and Note 2

     In baseball, the runners must return to their base once the pitcher has the ball and is on the pitcher’s plate and the catcher is ready to receive the pitch 7.13

Additional differences for Junior Softball:

  1.   Games are 7 innings
    1. Mercy rule after 4.5 innings (if home team is ahead) or 5 innings 4.10(e)
  2.   An on-deck batter is allowed Appendix B Safety Code for LL
  3.   Metal cleats are allowed
  4.   Head first slides are allowed 7.08(a)(4)
  5.   An illegal pitch results in a ball to the batter and all runners advance one base 8.01 Penalty